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Transport, Grocery Shopping & Errands

Grocery Shopping & Errands

Our caregivers handle grocery shopping and run errands, allowing clients the choice to participate and stay engaged in daily activities.

Transport to Appointments

Getting clients to medical appointments, salons, shops, or other essential destinations is an integral part of our services

Our staff can offer assistance with transport, medical appointments, grocery shopping and running errands, which can help seniors preserve their independence, allowing them to stay involved in daily activities while living in their own homes.

Often adults give up driving as they become more elderly, as do people with mobility issues or those recovering from illness. In many areas, public transport options don’t fully meet their needs.

Tasks like driving and running errands often fall to family and friends, but these added responsibilities can feel like a strain, especially when family caregivers are trying to balance other commitments.

That’s when Affordable Home Health Care can help by providing a trained caregiver who can provide transport to appointments or handle errands.

What does assistance with transport, grocery shopping & running errands include?

Medical Appointments

Assistance with transport to medical appointments, physical therapy, occupational therapy or diagnostic tests, and support during appointments if needed.

Prescription Pick-ups

Picking up prescriptions from pharmacies ensures better medication management and access to necessary medications.

Social Appointments

Assistance with transport to social gatherings like lunch with friends or a weekly bridge game.

Grocery Shopping

We offer assistance with transport to the grocery store, as well as help navigating the store and finding the right items. Or we can go to the store for the client and pick up items according to a pre-prepared grocery list.

Salon Appointments

Assistance with transport to the hairdressing salon to maintain personal grooming.

Banking and Financial Errands

We can provide transport and assistance with handling tasks such as banking, bill payments, and other financial errands.

Mail and Post Office Tasks

We can collect or post mail, or assist clients with going to the post office and handling these tasks.


We can either provide our own vehicle suited for specified mobility needs or drive clients’ vehicles if preferred.

Assistance with Mobility Aids

We can assist those with mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers with loading equipment and getting in and out of the vehicle.

Scheduling and Coordination

We can help with scheduling medical or general appointments like the salon.

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? We offer a range of services beyond those listed here. Get in touch to learn more.

What are the benefits of having home assistance with transport, grocery shopping and errands?

Increased Independence and Autonomy

Assistance with transport and errands can help clients maintain independence in their homes without relying solely on family and friends.

Better Health Outcomes

Helping clients attend medical appointments regularly is crucial for managing chronic conditions and can lead to early detection and intervention, preventing deterioration of health.

Better Medication Management

Picking up prescriptions on time can prevent gaps in taking medication which can lead to needless medical complications.

Better Nutrition

Assistance with grocery shopping allows clients to maintain a well-balanced diet in accordance with their dietary preferences, which is important to mental and physical health.

Improved Safety

We provide safe transport for seniors or those with injuries or medical conditions for whom driving might be more dangerous, and assist with safety during outings.

Reduced Physical Strain

Assistance with running errands that can be difficult for the elderly or those with mobility issues, helps alleviate physical strain associated with navigating these tasks.

Reduced Mental Strain

We provide support and make running errands more efficient so these tasks are less overwhelming for seniors or those with cognitive impairments like dementia.

Improved Social Interaction

Assistance with transport to social gatherings like lunch with friends or a weekly bridge gamecan reduce loneliness and improve well-being, as can company while running errands.

Reduced Caregiver Burden

Assistance with transport and errands can reduce the burden on family caregivers so they can spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Who Benefits?

Seniors and Elderly Individuals

Physical limitations or cognitive decline can make transport, appointments and errands more difficult.

Post-Operative Patients

After an operation or an injury mobility can be limited, and assistance with transport and errands may be required.

People with Physical Disabilities

Temporary or permanent physical disabilities can make driving, grocery shopping and errands challenging.

Patients with Chronic Illnesses

Conditions such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, or arthritis can require assistance with transport and errands.

People with Visual Impairments

Conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration can require assistance with transport and errands.

Individuals with Dementia

Cognitive impairments like dementia can make driving and running errands challenging.

Family Caregivers

Home care assistance with transport, grocery shopping and errands provides family caregivers with some relief and support.

Patients with Hospice Care Needs

Home care assistance with groceries and running errands during the end-of-life care journey helps individuals maintain comfort and dignity.

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