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Bathing, Dressing & Grooming

People may find they need assistance with personal grooming for a range of reasons, either temporarily or long-term. Our staff are trained to help elderly individuals, those needing post-operative care, those with physical disabilities or those with dementia, among others conditions, who need help bathing, dressing or with personal grooming, including handling toileting.    

It can be difficult and sometimes unwelcome for all parties when family and friends try to help with these private daily tasks.  Not to mention the strain family caregivers feel when also trying to balance their other obligations like work and children.

At Affordable Home Health Care, we can provide a professional caregiver who can help you and your loved ones manage these tasks whether you need relief for a few hours a day or around-the-clock assistance.

What does home assistance with bathing, dressing & grooming include?

Dressing Assistance

Selecting comfortable, weather and mobility-appropriate clothes and helping individuals to dress or undress.

Bathing Assistance

Discretely helping to maintain personal hygiene and preventing slips or falls during showers or baths.

Toileting Assistance

Minimal to full assistance with restroom use, including getting on and off the toilet and maintaining cleanliness.

Oral Hygiene Assistance

We help to maintain oral hygiene by assisting with brushing teeth and denture care.

Grooming Assistance

Grooming assistance includes washing and brushing hair and trimming nails.

Mobility Support

Assistance with moving from bed to chair or with using mobility aids like walkers.

Skin Care

We apply lotion and moisturizer and monitor for signs of dryness, skin irritation or bed sores.

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? We offer a range of services beyond those listed here. Get in touch to learn more.

What are the benefits of having home assistance with bathing, dressing & grooming?

Better Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene improves self-esteem, physical health and mental well-being.

Increased Social Interaction

Feeling presentable boosts confidence, encouraging social activities which improve well-being.

Fewer Falls and Injuries

Assistance with bathing and handling toileting can prevent falls in these slippery areas.

Fewer Infections

Regular bathing and grooming helps prevent skin infections and urinary tract infections.

Increased Independence

Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance facilitates individuals living at home and maintaining independence.

Emotional Support

Seniors can feel nervous about falling while performing personal grooming, and assistance can make them feel supported.


Home care assistance with personal grooming can be more cost-effective than moving to an assisted living facility.

Reduced Disruption

Home care assistance with personal grooming can reduce disruption to a patient’s daily routines and preferences.

Who Benefits?

Seniors and Elderly Individuals

Decreased mobility and strength can make personal grooming more difficult as people grow older.

Individuals with Physical Disabilities

Temporary or permanent physical disabilities can make personal grooming challenging.

Post-Operative Patients

After an operation or an injury mobility can be limited and assistance with personal grooming may be required.

Patients with Chronic Illnesses

Mobility can be limited for those with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

Individuals with Dementia

Cognitive impairments like dementia and Alzheimer’s can make self-care activities difficult.

Family Caregivers

Home care assistance with personal grooming provides family caregivers with some relief and support.

Patients with Hospice Care Needs

Home care assistance during the end-of-life care journey helps individuals maintain comfort and dignity.

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