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Customized Care Plans and Insurance Claims

We offer customized care plans tailored to our customers’ specific requirements, as well as assistance with insurance claims and paperwork to make it easier and more affordable to get quality home health care when it is needed.

While family and friends often want to be there to help loved ones recover, this isn’t always possible. Family members may live far away or find it challenging to offer full-time or consistent care.

At Affordable Home Health Care we can help get you the assistance you need, whether it’s for a few hours a day or around the clock.

What do our customized care plans and insurance claim services include?

Initial Assessment

We ask questions to understand the client’s needs, health conditions and specific preferences, as well as any worries or concerns, so we can get you the home care you need quickly and efficiently.

In-Home Assessment

A registered nurse or other qualified professional assesses the client’s health status, living environment and specific care needs. Our team will also consult with family or doctors, where appropriate.

Customized Care Plan

We provide a customized care plan, tailoring our services according to the frequency of care requested (respite care, part-time care or live-in assistance) and the client’s specific requirements.

Paperwork and Documentation

We use our three decades of experience in this field to help streamline the paperwork process and give you the support you need while handling consent forms and medical documentation.

Insurance and Payment

We strive to keep our services affordable so that cost doesn’t have to be a barrier. Plus, we know the best tips for handling home health care insurance claims and can even help you with the paperwork.

Scheduling and Coordination

We coordinate with our clients and their family to schedule services at convenient times, based around your schedule and routine.


We understand that inviting someone into your home is a significant decision, which is why we walk clients and families through what to expect and stay in touch to ensure a smooth transition.

Check-Ins and Reassessment

We provide regular visits from skilled nurses who manage and evaluate individual care plans, as well as maintaining open communication with clients and family so we can adjust care plans as needed.

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? We offer a range of services beyond those listed here. Get in touch to learn more.

What are the benefits of having assistance with administration and insurance claims?

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have professional support in handling administrative and insurance matters, as well as caregiving assistance, can help alleviate stress.

Maximized Insurance Benefits

Our professional expertise in home health care insurance processes can help you get the most out of your insurance.

Financial Transparency

We are transparent about the costs of home health care so you can plan your budget to get the most out of our services.

Better Health Outcomes

Our personalized home health care plans are overseen by registered nurses and updated regularly to ensure good health and timely intervention where needed.

Improved Well-Being

Our services help clients to stay in their own home and maintain independence while also having support with activities of daily living, to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Emotional Support

Handling the realities and administration of getting home health care can seem daunting, which is why we streamline the process and help you through it.


We try to make home care accessible as we know that it is more cost-effective than an extended hospital stay, or an assisted living facility, as well as more comfortable.

Who Benefits?

Patients and Clients

Those in need of home health care benefit from exceptional home health care service and administrative support in accessing home health care.

Family Members and Caregivers

Those responsible for loved ones can feel overwhelmed by the caregiving burden, or may live far away or have other commitments that make caregiving challenging or unviable. We can help.

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